Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fetch Spike. FETCH!

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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Let Sleeping Bugs Lie

Posted by He Said We recently purchased a backyard fireplace, one of those small round bowl types and as such I purchased a bundle of firewood. We also purchased an aboveground pool back in April when we had a warm spell. Yes, I know, April. I even filled it. It is the BEST Ladybug catcher in the whole wide world, let me tell you. The surface area of a 14 foot round pool catches them by the handful. If I could only keep the cover on, the pool would stay bug free. Frankly, I think the kids rip the cover off so it can catch bugs, then tell me "the wind blew it off daddy, really!" So the kids catch the Ladybugs and put them in their water and sand play table and have absconded with all the unburned firewood (because according to my wife and kids its too cold to swim OR sit outside by the fire) and turned it into a Ladybug home. Here they are showing the Ladybugs in their "boats".

This morning the kids ran out to check on the Ladybugs who had been placed in their home the day before. They came running back in. Kids in chorus - "Daddy, Daddy, one of the Ladybugs stayed in the house all night!" Me - "Really, thats cool." Kids (again in chorus) - "But he is still sleeping." I'll bet. - Posted using BlogPress from my White Dragon