Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Living Internet Free

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So we short sold the house. The last couple weeks have been pretty crazy while we purge. We finally found a place to live not far from the old house at a significant savings. Tomorrow we close and will need to be out of the old house pronto. The new house is great, but what is the catch. NO FRICKEN INTERNET. OK, not forever. Just Internet free till Friday and it sucks. We both have lots to blog about but as much as I love my iPhone, blogging on it sucks. Updates coming Friday. G.

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Thank You Officer For Your Kind Reminder

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So I have been TRYING to ride my bicycle to work lately. As usual, life tends to get in the way.  There is always something that needs to be done during lunch or after work, but today I did it.  I rode the 12 mile round trip to work and back.

One of the roads on my route home has a particularly narrow “bike path” and today was the first time I chose this direction home.  Now mind you the bike path is no more than a narrow shoulder.  In fact there is not even the ubiquitous bike symbol.  There is a very large sidewalk that parallels this road and as the speed limit is 35 going on 50 I decided for peace of mind to ride the sidewalk.  The perfectly EMPTY sidewalk.  Not a soul between here and roads end where the wild horses roam.


As I am cruising along I hear from a bullhorn. “Buddy, use the bike path. That’s what its for!”

I turn and look across the street to see a motorcycle policeman in his favorite speed trap eating his donut and sipping his triple mocha while yelling at me over his bullhorn.

Did he say “Excuse me” or “Sir” or even PLEASE!  No, he shouts at me through his bullhorn in a way I felt was extremely rude.  So what did I do….

“GO TO HELL PO PO MO FO!” I yelled as I stood up and pedaled away while flipping him the middle finger and grinning ear to ear.

Ok, so it didn’t exactly go like that, buy I WANTED TO! Instead I simply waved, hopped off my bike, carried it over the landscaping to the street and rode off while mumbling under my breath “go to hell po po mo fo.”

End of line.