Saturday, February 19, 2011

What the Hell?

Posted by She Said

What the hell has happened to personal responsibility? Seriously. I know there are people out there roaming the streets, just looking for that obviously icy sidewalk to “slip” on, hoping to cash in on a few. Or those that claim they had no idea they could gain a lot of weight from eating too many Big Macs and Super Sized fries and soda. WHAT? You gain weight if you eat lots of crappy food? I’m shocked.

I mostly thought these people existed largely as a means of feeding the sensationalist Interwebs.

Until now.

A friend of mine, she wants to be called Loretta, works in a grocery store, and it is her job to deal with any people that might come in with a complaint, or should I say a “complaint.” <eye roll> Here are some of the things she has heard recently:

I bought this avocado two weeks ago and it rotted.

What the hell? You mean if I don’t eat a piece of fruit, it will go bad!? GASP! That’s just bull. I would demand my money back, fo sho.

I brought in my bag last time, and the checker didn’t give me my bag refund.

What? You mean, if I forget, I can spend two bucks in gas getting back to the store and get my nickel? Oh, hells ya! I’m all over that.

I bought this piece of meat from you, and we cooked it last night, and it was terrible. Here’s my receipt.

Yeah, I got nuthin’ on the cajones it must have taken to actually pull that one off, but someone did. And they got their money back.

People, seriously. Take some responsibility for yourselves. Or I might just start suing your asses for pissing me off.



  2. Ha ha ha! No. I'm repeating what some customers have actually said. I'm just sharing them with you.

    You're welcome.

  3. You mean I could've got cash value from the hunk of ginger that's been sitting in my fridge for a couple of months and finally started to mold? Dangit!

  4. My guy had a friend who worked at Fred Meyer. Their policy is the customer is *always* right - no matter what - and to refund cheerfully. A guy purchased a cooler, used it over the weekend, then brought it back for a refund. Of course it stank of fish and he had no real reason why he wanted to return it. Fred Meyer cheerfully refunded his money. Ugh. People.

  5. Thanks for passing on the great ideas for making my grocery money stretch further! - awesome. Can I bring back the empty milk cartons for milk that's expired too?

  6. I clearly do not have the right personality for this type of thing. Because people give me attitude when I return things to Eddie Bauer. With tags. And a receipt.