Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Oh, Allergies, How I Despise Thee

Posted by She Said

I’m dreading tomorrow. I’d rather go for a Brazilian. Wax, that is. THAT’S how much I am dreading tomorrow.

Tomorrow I take Braedyn to the doctor to “challenge” his allergy to one of the three antibiotics he has reactions to. We may have food allergy issues with Emily, but with Braedyn, we suffer in the allergies to antibiotics department.

Since this is what happens to him with penicillin, we aren’t going to bother challenging its affects on him:


The reason a challenge is even in order is because we are becoming more and more limited on what he can take. The last time a simple sinus infection hit, he ended up getting too much of a very strong antibiotic (one of the few determined he could take) and ended up with C Diff, which suffice it to say is a really gruesome intestinal infection. And I became Doctor Disgusto as I had to take multiple samples for testing. I already knew I didn’t have it in me to be a doctor, but THAT CONFIRMED IT.

This C Diff only has two antibiotics that can beat it. And guess what? Braedyn is allergic to one of those two. And to add insult to injury? He still had the blasted sinus infection at the end of it all!

The challenge consists of giving him a dose of the antibiotic in question and sitting there for four hours while they monitor him. The best case scenario is we walk out of there with one less allergy on his list. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. I’d appreciate it if you’d do the same.