Thursday, April 25, 2013


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I don't normally post work related content, but this was something I felt was longer than a facebook post and deserved some space here.

I returned from a trip to the new local Human Bean coffee house to find this IM message on my screen from a fellow in the art department.  Let's call him Fred.

Fred: "I'm getting an error in my AlienBrain program, can you come help me?"

Because I'm lazy, I didn't head over.  I figured he could at least tell me the error.

Me: "What's the error?"

Fred: "It says something about out of memory?"

Now remember, I said ART department. These people think that the word "memory" and "hard drive" can be used interchangeably and that using a web browser can be difficult. Yes. I'm making fun of them.  I have an art degree, and I know how to use a computer, so I am allowed. I'm not saying they are dumb.  I think they like to PLAY dumb. They like people to do shit for them because they are the "creative force."

I hear more times during the day than I care to count how I am asking them to be too "technical".  Have you ever tried to use a 3D program like Modo, or Maya?  You need to learn Klingon just to read the manual.

Me: "Does it say you are out of memory or that your hard drive is full?"

Fred: "It says 'out of disk space'. How do I get more memory installed?"

I have a stain on my shirt from the coffee that came out of my nose at this point.

Me: "Your hard drive is full, you need to make more room by deleting files."

Fred: "So I can just delete everything?"

At this point I wanted to say yes and then claim I never told him this.  Would that have been bad of me?

So, yeah, I had to walk over and show him how to choose what files to delete.


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