Monday, November 24, 2008

Devil Duckies (Uncensored and Uncut)

Susanne isn’t telling the whole story behind the Devil Ducks. I don’t blame her. Its rather embarrassing. Frankly, if I had my way I wouldn’t let my children touch those things.

The fact is the Devil Ducks for the most part live on the top of our shower door. Emily gets her hands on them when she runs into the bathroom and BEGS to hold the Devil Ducks.

The truth is it all started out so innocently enough. Susanne getting one duck, then another.

These photos are a recreation of what happened. No Devil Ducks were harmed in the documenting of this event. Here they are living peacefully together on top of the shower:


Then one day I went to take a shower and noticed that two of the Devil Ducks were doing something completely unexpected. Innocent enough:


After that things went downhill and they went downhill fast.


Now if you are sensitive to graphic images, please, do not scroll down any further because these ducks are NASTY.


What I want to know is what kind of mother lets her daughter play with horny animals like these. It's repulsive and nasty.

Now if I could only find the video from the hidden cameras.


  1. Heh. We have a trio of rubber frogs that got up to nasty things in the wee hours. Now that Thumper's in the picture, though, he confiscated the "ogs," and I know not where they are. I just hope they're behaving themselves in front of the boy.