Wednesday, April 1, 2009

FW: did you have 0.15 seconds of fame.

Such was the subject line of an email we received recently. As the sender suggested, yes it did sound like a spam email, but it was in fact not.

My wife and I ran an online tea business for several years. It never made us rich, but I do have a nice color laser printer and her laptop paid for via Alas as I was promoted to Supervisor at my job it became more of a drag than the “fun” it provided at the start.

We did try very hard to make it successful, even to the point of being exhibitors at the Women’s Expo in 2007. There was a lot of buzz, we were busy all day long, we made sales and had people raving about us. Yeah, that lasted till the end of the day and I learned that I suck at running a tea business. So in January of 2008 we shut her down.

Yesterday we get an email from a friend with the attached screenshot captured from the 2009 Women’s expo TV spot. If only .15 seconds of fame could make us rich! Oh, and it's 2 years too late.


She looks good in an apron, don’t you think?


  1. How cute! Are you guys big tea drinkers now?

  2. I am just excited I know (another) someone that has been on TV!