Friday, April 3, 2009

Hooray for Jock Boys Holding Hands

Greg played racquetball with Jacob today, and during the pummeling (who won? I’ll never tell), Jacob told a story that I would like to share with you.

That stupid, morally-inept group of ignorant fucks that do things like protest at funerals happened to show up at Jacob’s high school this week. I’m not even going to mention the group’s name because they don’t need any more publicity, however small the addition here may be. They showed up to protest the presence of the GSA, the Gay Straight Alliance, at the school. They held up their signs proudly professing their hate and their god’s hate in their typical fashion, and interestingly enough, the words were actually spelled right, unlike some ignorant folks.

The media got wind of it because, oh, the witless twits called them personally. I really wish the media would just tell them to go to their hell, but that is not the type of world in which we live, so the media showed up. The kids at the school were told to ignore them, but once the media showed up, it became an “event.”

What I am most intrigued and proud of is how some of the students at the school handled it. Four male jocks held hands and strutted in front of this group. Two lesbian students made out in front of them. Hoo-effn-ray. I am proud of the students at Jacob’s school for standing up for themselves and others. It wasn’t THAT long ago that I was in high school, and I can’t imagine the same set of circumstances occurring.

What a world we live in that personal freedoms are such an issue for some people. If the quiverfull has their way, we’ll all be outnumbered soon, so let’s hurry up and pass laws allowing same-sex marriages and subsequent adoptions, and get them pumping out the kids to make it a fair game.


  1. Wow. That Quiverful link was some scary reading. "Annihilate the enemy." Fun stuff.

  2. Don't kid yourself. It HAS been that long since you were in high school. :) Good post, Suzanne.