Sunday, May 9, 2010

Say Kimcheese!

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A few weeks ago our neighbor, Vivienne, showed us pictures they had taken of their family at a local photo studio. She said it was really quite an experience and that we should consider doing it. After hearing the incredibly low cost and after seeing the amazing pictures of her family, put together in a beautiful book, I signed us up. Vivienne decided it was time for her family to get some more pictures taken too, so we booked our appointments at the same time so she and her husband, Ethan, could help us, since no one there spoke any English.

Vivienne explained to me that they have hundreds of outfits from which the kids could pick to wear for the pictures. In addition, they would do our hair and makeup. We snuck some shots in behind the scenes as we got all dolled up for our big shoot.




Emily went in for her pictures first, which was a huge mistake. She freaked out and decided she didn’t want her pictures taken. And since she has an iron will, we had to let her take a break for a while. Nothing like a local, nearby bakery to put everything back in order in Em’s universe again.


Language barrier be damned! Braedyn went in and figured out everything asked of him without any of us to help him. He had a great time getting his pictures taken.


Yes, you see correctly. Braedyn picked out a U.S. Army outfit for one of his shots. Can’t say I was thrilled, especially with the shots with the machine gun in them, but Greg convinced me to just say yes. He’s such a good liberal.

封面  琉璃摆台  IMG_3459

The hardest part was having to whittle down all of the shots taken to just 22 for the book. Oh wait, that’s right. I didn’t pick 22! I ended up purchasing another small book with an additional 12 shots in it. It didn’t help that as I sat in front of the computer deciding which pictures to keep and which to delete, Vivienne and the employees groaned every time I axed a picture. When asked if I wanted the smaller book to focus on Emily or Braedyn, I replied that I didn’t want to have to pay for that kind of therapy later in life and asked they do a combination book of the both of them. They can fight over who gets it later. Much, much later. When I don’t have to be their referee.

Some of you on Facebook know that I promised a picture of Greg with makeup on. I don’t want you to think I forgot about this. He doesn’t know I snuck this next picture in, so I’m probably really going to really get it when I show it to you. Ah, what the hell. Witness Greg’s transformation:



After OperaMask


  1. Smart ass. I know there is a shot of him in lip gloss somewhere. AND I WILL FIND IT!

  2. These photos are precious. They'll make wonderful memories. I love the one of Braedyn in a tux. He looks like a little grown up.

  3. Love it! What great photos!