Thursday, May 13, 2010

Um, Yeah, I’m Not Eatin That

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With one week to go, things are supposed to be winding down as a trip ends, but instead the chaos begins.  We are trying to figure out how to get not only all the crap that we have purchased on this trip but how to include all the wonderful gifts we have been given.  Kevin, sorry, but the MacBook Pro is just not going to fit, I think you are getting a t-shirt instead. We even bought an additional suitcase today and I am STILL afraid not everything is going to make it home. 

To top things off I have been dragging and feeling pretty run down.  This makes being motivated to do anything a bit trying.

During this last week my boss from back home arrived for a weeklong trip and as such the company has to buy the required luncheon out.  We arrived a a great looking place with the coolest looking table (appearing to be made of Jade or facsimile thereof with a builtin fountain, pond and fish.  This was a tea table with built in accessories and such.  There was a large aquarium which the kids love to look at until I tell them that the fish are not for looking at, they are for eating. 

They think I am kidding.

While here we have read about, heard people talk about, witnessed on menus and even eaten the occasional strange item on the menu (can you say century egg).  This place put it all out on on the table, literally.

This restaurant really stood out as it had everything we had heard about, and more.  The menu was somewhere in the range of 25 pages filled with photos and unusual items. One of the items that was ordered for us (because you know, I like chicken) was a smoked chicken. It’s the WHOLE chicken.  They just de-feather it, clean it, lay it out, smoke it, and using the worlds sharpest cleaver chop it into little strips.  With the BONE IN! I couldn’t figure out how to eat it without breaking a tooth.

Just a small taste of the menu

Snake, Crispy Pigeon, Ducks Tongue, Pigs Lung, Chicken Feet, and of course Dog.

Yeah, like I said.  I’m not eatin that, I don’t care HOW pretty that flower is in its beak.


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  1. We'll get you back on a proper diet when you return. As far as the MacBook, I'll be happy without it. I'm spending too much time on Apple products now anyway. :) Keep up your strength, you're home soon.