Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Houdini, Part Freakin’ Two

Posted by She Said

Our dog saga continues, much to my chagrin. Charmin, although her squeezable softness is remarkable, should have been named Tigger due to the freak-of-nature height she reaches in her every jump. We (we being Greg) have lined our fence with an electric wire, which presumably would keep any dog cowering away from the fence in fear of getting shocked. That would be true for any dog that subscribes to the Pavlov theory, and if you haven’t already guess, that would NOT be our dog. She’ll be damned if she is going to let a little jolt stop her from riding along with me as I take the kids to school, attend a birthday party, or even tag along for those once-a-year “fun” check ups.

This, let me assure you, IS. A. BITCH.

Our test run with the fence resulted in me coming home to her terrorizing the construction workers in our expanding neighborhood. The best part? She kept jumping into the back yard of the cookie cutter home that looks just like ours only several doors away. Hey, I never said she was brilliant, just impervious to the powers of conditioning.

As my friend Kerry would say, Oy! I have a headache in my eye!

photo (23)photo (21)

Gotta love her persistence!

Actually, no I don’t.


  1. One of my wife's dogs is like this. She's more of a digger than a jumper. Either way, I feel your pain.

  2. I was looking for a dog yesterday at the Humane Society and while I was checking them out I mentally excluded any dog that barked at me or was jumping and touching the ceiling of their enclosures. I've had a dog who could do that but luckily he got fat and developed a hip problem and no longer does that. Sadly, I found the otherwise perfect dog but they said he can't go to a home with cats. Sigh...