Monday, January 24, 2011

Artificially Speaking

Posted by She Said

Last night Greg and I had a couple of friends over for dinner. I have known both Pat and Andrew for many years, and I met both of them while working at SNCAT, a no longer in business public access television station. Boy, have we got stories about Sharon Angle. Wait, did I say that out loud? Oy!

Pat long ago moved away from the excitement that is Reno and continues to be an incredibly talented photographer and creative genius. Gee, what I would give to be the assistant on one of his shoots. Damn it, there I go again. I said that out loud, didn’t I? Now I’ve got you wondering what Pat shoots, don’t I? Go ahead, check out his site.

Andrew, always a master of words, has a phenomenal relationship with the English language and has a large clientele lucky enough to have him working for them. Seriously, the guy is scary-smart.

Now that you know the players, I wanted to share a discussion we had last night about social media, such as Facebook and blogging. Andrew clearly and precisely stated that he did not care for social media or the blogosphere because of the way people artificially and carefully crafted their image.*

Andrew: People very carefully create their images through Facebook and blogs. It is an artificial representation.*

Greg: Do you think I was artificially speaking when I blogged about having to pick the toilet seat cover off of my sweaty ass?

Andrew: <laughing> I think that was a very clever response to my statement. However, I think it does make you out to be a self-deprecating funny guy.*

Greg: <contemplating> I think I am a self-deprecating funny guy.

So, this got me thinking today. When I go back to some of my blog posts and re-read them, I find myself laughing out loud (this one in particular does it to me every time). Am I a funny person face-to-face? Honestly? Probably not so much, especially without some liquid courage in me. So, in some ways, I guess Andrew is right. I am creating this online persona of being funny when perhaps I am not so much? I’ve made some virtual friends via this blog, and I would love to meet them and their families in person some day, but would it be a let down because Libby isn’t as snarky in person? (doubtful) Or I, Rodius isn’t really Greg’s doppelganger? (again, doubtful) Could Yellow Trash Diaries not make me keel over in laughing fits with her base humor in person? (seriously doubt that)

Nah. I don’t think so. I think the core of who I am and my beliefs are accurately represented here, and I truly believe the same is true of my fellow virtual friends. I may play with words a bit, and beg Greg to read a post before I publish it to make sure it’s at least somewhat amusing, but that is who I am. You know, artificially speaking.


* Andrew speaks much more eloquently and uses much larger words than I have represented here.


  1. I don't know that it's artificial as much as it is putting the best foot forward... Kind of 2D maybe. We get to see a real part of these people, just not all of it.

    About a year ago I invited some bloggy friends to come to Reno for Labor Day weekend so we could all meet up in person. 3 of them came from various spots in the country and I was really nervous about this. Yes, I had read their blogs and knew quite a bit about them but I was worried that they wouldn't be their blog selves. Turns out that not only were they their blog selves but they were that and more. I just couldn't see the more in print.

  2. When you exist only as what you say and you can leave out whatever you want, yes, I suppose you are crafting your persona. But I also do this in person with what I say or do in front of some people that I may say or do differently in front of other people. Andrew in choosing his words for that conversation was, in fact, carefully crafting his image. I'm still me online, I'm just edited and proofread better.

  3. Actually, I feel like my blog and posts on FB are the more authentic me. They are the things I really think when not censoring myself for others (do I sound stupid? are they judging me? are they wishing I'd just shut up-- oh god, why can't I just shut up!). I am VERY boring and shy in person (except when drinking), awkward for everyone. I should probably be on some sort of medication.

  4. My own blog tends to fly directly into the face of theism - more than I probably do in real life. I *know* I'm not nearly as funny or literate while speaking to actual people, though. Hence the reason for my Internet "voice".

  5. I think everyone tries to put their best face on at all times. Blogging just allows us to spell check it.

    And I'm actually snarkier in person. I don't have my blogging filter in real life.

  6. Firstly, the growling-at-the-dog post IS hilarious.
    Secondly, this reminds me of something my sister said to me recently. She said her co-workers think I'm hilarious and sometimes ask her if I'm that funny in person. She always says, "No." :-)

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