Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Ainbow-Nake-My Little Pony-Magic Wand Man

Tonight was one of those nights with my kids that I just cherish.  Emily and Braedyn played together, without fighting, without yelling, without crying for a good 40 minutes before I cracked and said get your well behaved asses in bed, I want my wine.

It was at that point that the meltdowns started, but they were only momentary, and Emily recovered nicely.  She does have a cold after all. 

The icing on the cake was Braedyn going to his room and reading whilst I got Emily ready for bed (um, after he brushed his teeth, got on his pajamas both by himself…whaaa).

So there I am trying to find a open space in her bed where cushions and not toys are actually visible.  She is in a new phase, all toys must come to bed.  So there I am wishing Wall-E could scoop a spot out for me and Em starts handing me stuff.

“Here daddy, wear the ainbow nake”

“Here daddy, putt doggy in your pocket”

“Here Daddy, put pony in your pocket”

“Here Daddy, put pony in your pocket”

“Here Daddy, put pony in your pocket” (yes, three of them)

“Here Daddy, hold my wand” (yes the pink magic wand)

“And my keys to daddy”  (now what you don’t know is I already have three Hot Wheels in my front pocket that need “to be fixed”)

“Daddy kiss the nake, then kiss me”

So there I am, kissing the “ainbow nake” whoa so I can kiss Emily whoa. The things you do for your kids.

I think I like the look. 



  1. That's just sweeter than sweet. Kiss me whoa is brilliant. I love those little things that are just between us and our kids. Great job. And you should definitely hite the grocery store in that outfit.

  2. awww. I bet it's times like these that your wife says "Yeah, he's all mine!" and is happy about it. No, really. It's very sweet. A lot of women hope the man they marry is a great dad like you are.

  3. Stop, you are going to ruin my bad boy image. ;)

  4. When Greg and I started dating, watching how amazing he was as a father to Jacob was one of the reasons I fell in love with him. He is a wonderful father to our children, and I am so very thankful they have that close relationship in their lives.

    And don't worry, Greg. Your bad boy image is safe with me. ;)