Monday, February 9, 2009

Twitter Me This, Batman

Occasionally I like to play a digital version of connect the dots, but in my case the dots are people. For example, I sometimes like to see who some of my Facebook friends are friends with and then who they are friends with, and on down the digital line.

  • FB friend –>
  • FB friend –>
  • FB friend

When I follow a blogger, I will go to some of the blogs they follow and then check out the websites of some of the people who comment on those blogs.

  • Blog I follow –>
  • Blog they follow –>
  • Random comments by other bloggers –>
  • New blog

On Twitter I will see who else is following someone I follow, and who follows them, and I keep connecting the dots until I have found someone new to follow or in super special cases like that of Tee, Greg and I have her and her fiancé over for dinner.

  • Twit I follow –>
  • Twit they follow –>
  • Twit THEY follow –>
  • Dinner

Yeah, I guess Greg and I troll online for friends, but it is fun, and we have certainly expanded our virtual circle of friends this way (Uh, can you say I, Rodius and Libby Logic?)

I know Greg and I are not the only people who do this. Someone started following me on Twitter who follows someone I follow. So through this common denominator, she found me. Her Twitter page looked interesting, so I figured I’d follow her too. Um, not always a good idea. This morning, she twittered a link to an article that was clearly anti-Obama. So, I twittered back something that may not have been the nicest thing. You know, being the ObamaMama that I am, I couldn’t help myself. Oopsie.

Twitter me this, Batman. Could her twitter have been tongue-in-cheek? Maybe, but probably not. You know how I know? Because I played some more of digital connect the dots. I went to her Twitter page and looked at some of the people that follow her. All I have to say is EEK!

  • Her Twitter account –>
  • Twitter accounts of random people that follow her –>
  • EEK fest

Moral of the story? Make your husband comfort and feed the kids at night so you can play digital connect the dots with a clear head.


  1. Heh, I saw the exchange and grinned. Kate and I don't see eye to eye on politics and religion and, in some cases, even lifestyle -- and some of the things she feels passionately in favor of I am so passionately NOT in favor (and vice versa) of that I cringe.

    But I put those things aside for certain people I know to otherwise be good and interesting and clear-thinking people, regardless of their politics. And she's one of them - I've known her for years. Her values have definitely changed over the course of those years, and while it often feels awkward or sometimes even infuriating to read her views now, I can appreciate that she's passionate about something (lots of people aren't) and that she, unlike so many super conservative folks I've had to endure, is a critical thinker who's usually open to hearing out the opinions of others and picking things apart vs. squawking along with the crowd. And I always appreciate that, even if I don't always like the conclusion. And I often don't :P

  2. I have been the fish swimming upstream for so many years, so many tiring years, that I have finally reached a point in my life where I want to surround myself with like-minded people, at least on some fundamental issues. I'm not saying I don't need to be challenged or called-out on some of my beliefs. Those exchanges only make me stronger, IMHO. Thankfully my family will never change and will always provide that outlet. ;)

  3. Hey, I got a link! Thanks!

    And, uh... Wow. That Glen Beck thing was... Wow. And that's coming from a guy who has as recently as the past 24 months defended Fox News.

  4. Ah, I, Rodius, a convert?! I'm so happy.