Friday, May 22, 2009

The Difference Between Boys & Girls

Yesterday when I came home from work my son was counting his money.  Now mind you all the money he “saves” is stolen from my wallet or the change that falls from my pockets when I lie on the floor (more evidence that I have become my father).

“Daddy, I have enough money to buy a Bionicle!” he said with a face illuminated from within and a grin so large I thought he had surgery to look like Jack Nicholson’s Joker.

So off we went to Target (tar·JAY) to buy the “large” Bionicle {for you HUGE Bionicle fans (you know who you are), Malum #8979} which I quickly learned was defined by the number of pages (23) in the assembly instructions.

I started this trip a little late in the day and as such we barely had time to put it together before bed, so there was no time for “fights” between his two Bionicles.

Morning rolls around and Braedyn is in my room tapping my shoulder to get up.  He was holding Malum and wearing his Jack Nicholson Joker grin again. I was barely conscious because I had stayed up late watching Californication. All I wanted to do was to throw him into Arkham and go back to sleep.  I managed to drag myself to the couch where I rolled in and out of consciousness.  Braedyn planted himself on the floor below me and the conversation went something like this:

Braedyn: “Daddy, please play Bionicle with me?”

Me: “hmm… mmph…whaaa?”

Braedyn: “Daddy, please play with me.  Let’s fight with the Bionicles”

Me: “hmm… mmph…whaaa?”

Braedyn (loudly): “DADDY, let’s fight?”

Me: “uhh… Can’t you wait until your sister wakes up and you two can fight with the Bionicles?”

Braedyn: “NOOOOOO, all she ever wants to do is talk!”

Oh, buddy, isn't that the truth. Get used to it.


  1. My Dad used to take naps on the floor after work and all his change would fall out of his pockets and he'd let me keep it. And then I'd spend it on Strawberry Shortcake dolls, which is probably the 80's girl equivalent of a Bionicle.

  2. She was talking and talking, and I was listening and listening, and I was getting sleepy...

  3. Whole lot of thieving going on. I, Rodius - You've said that a few times recently and you know it ain't yours. He Said - It doesn't take much to put your brownie points in the red. Just 2 sentences...10 words. She Said - Yeah, sure you shmole it.

  4. Hey, I am only speaking the truth. Emily play usually goes like this.
    Try to visualize children holding out their toys, face to face.
    Emily: Hi, my name is Bionicle, what's yours?
    Braedyn: I'm Bad Guy Bionicle. I will destroy you! Let's FIGHT!
    Emily: Hi, My name is Bionicle, what's yours?
    Braedyn: No, Emily, you have to make your Bionicle fight!
    Emily: Hi, my name is Bionicle, want to go shopping?

    Yup. Just like real life.

  5. My nephew told me the other day that girls just don't listen. At least I think that's what he said. I wasn't really paying attention...