Sunday, May 3, 2009


I begrudgingly took Creative Writing in High School, believing it was going to be a complete nightmare for me. I was a math nerd, after all. After one semester of this class, my teacher insisted that I would only last a year in college under the Aerospace Engineering degree I was pursuing. I dismissed this notion as any good self-professed left brainer would as something completely ridiculous.

Yeah. She was right. I changed my major after a year and ultimately ended up with a degree in Art. I came across this piece while painfully going through my childhood box of papers. OK, it’s not a box. It’s a huge, daunting mega-bin. Sigh.

I thought I would share it with you.


The fuchsia sky with its scattered grayish-blue clouds made me homesick – homesick for what life was like. No one was exactly sure how much time we had left.

Through all of the confusion around us, Jay and I managed to get away for a few hours. We started the quiet little engine on the two-man motorboat. The rippling of the water broke the silence around us. The once calm waters of the lake now had little waves scattering everywhere, disrupting its tranquility, but giving us ours.

The sun was hardly visible through the overwhelmingly thick sky. It appeared so small now, almost as if part of its uncontrolled flaming fire were tamed.

When we reached the center of the lake, I turned off the engine, allowing the silence to envelop us. I wanted this moment to last forever. We were all alone; it was just us and our thoughts. His head flew back displacing his long, brown bangs from his oval-shaped face and revealing those eyes. I lost myself in those big, green eyes, desperately trying to find some answers as to why all of this had happened.

A thin line of dark black land was visible across the lake. The sky was so vibrant and the waters reflected its grim color. Not only was there a gray shadow of our boat behind us, but a gray shadow of our present lives lurked there too. I was thinking about it, and I’m sure Jay was too, but we never let down our guard. Instead, we just lay in each other’s arms, thankful for this last moment.


Written November 1988


  1. Jay's sexy, just like Edward. I wonder why no one ever got lost in my eyes in high school? Oh yeah, because I never actually looked at anyone...

    Anyway, I think you have a future in young adult fiction. Stephenie Meyer's got nothing on you.

  2. The description is wonderful. You really are and were a talented writer.

  3. I, Rodius - as long as I can write the steamy stuff too. What fun would writing be if I couldn't include that?

    Amy - Thank you! You made my day!