Sunday, May 24, 2009

Proof They Aren’t The Mailman’s Children

Well, I finally have proof.  The kids are definitely Susanne’s and mine. Proof that dispels all those rumors about the mailman, about an accidental switch at the hospital.

To start, they are both playing video games. 

Now look closely, very very closely to the far right just above the Wii-mote in the bottom right corner. 

Emily has the remote control. 

My mad video game skills plus this = rock solid, indisputable proof.


  1. Yeah, so I'm a remote control whore. I got that gene from my father, and apparently I've passed it to Em. Suck it up.

  2. I'm lost. The blurry white box under the copyright?

  3. Nope, the device with the LCD screen JUST above the blurry white box (which is the Wii-mote), guess I should have circled it in the pic.

  4. I always have the remote husband says it's a sign of my control issues. That's when I tell him to shut up. We're so in love, it's disgusting right?