Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Another Open Letter To My Coworkers

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I had some computer problems so I could not get on the network this morning.

I had a great weekend again this weekend.

Friday we went out to dinner at a restaurant that Lilian took Susanne to.  She ordered with her iPhone and did not speak a word.  The food was very good and the kids watched Tom & Jerry on the TV.  It is a show they have never watched at home.

Saturday was my birthday and I had a very busy day.

We had to be on the subway at 8:30 to take Emily to the Beijing Family Hospital to have her ears looked at.  She had surgery a week before we left and we needed to have her ears looked at to make sure they were not infected.  They also checked her nose and throat and she is in good health. 


On the taxi ride from the Subway I saw a Jenny Lou’s store and after the apartment we walked to it to buy a few items.  There was a Starbucks store next door and we went in to get coffee.  We started talking to a man from Australia who has lived here for 7 years teaching at an ex-pat school. 


He told us to go to a park a few blocks away.  We walked over to Side Park.  It is a very large and lovely park and we hope to go back when the trees have flowers and leaves.  It was a warm and sunny day and the children had a fantastic time!  We spent a couple hours here.


 image024 image025 image027image026

There are rides in the park and we let the kids pick two rides each.  They thought this was very fun and were not happy that we were leaving, but when we told them we were going to get lunch at the Union Bar & Grill (I wanted a cheeseburger for my birthday J) they left happily.

Emily fell asleep at lunch. We enjoyed a very good late lunch and desert and then went to buy a couple more movies at our favorite DVD store.

image029 image028 

I bought a present there for the teams to share. Firefly the TV series.  It is one of my favorite shows that only lasted one season.  But it is fun and they swear in Chinese in  it. J

I also tried to get Susanne to buy me a very special birthday present, but she would not. :D


When we got back to the apartment my family gave me presents.  I got a large bag of wasabi green peas and a small remote controlled helicopter!

We ordered food delivered and after dinner we had an ice cream cake and I tried to blow out the candles by flying the helicopter over the cake.  I was not successful! :D


It was a very fun day!

Sunday morning we got a late start and went to a place called The Bookworm in Sanlitun area where many ex-pats go.  The woman read stories to the children in English and then we had a very nice lunch there.  We went home for the afternoon and I took a nap.  I was tired from the big day before.


It was a great weekend.

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