Monday, April 12, 2010

So Much To Blog About – Beijing Edition

Posted by He Said

Today is Reader’s Choice Day.

Susanne and I have so much to blog about that we just can’t seem to keep up.  It might have to do with the fact that She Said spends her days at the spa getting colon therapy, or I spend mine browsing the Hutong Markets for fake iPads assembled from stolen parts. It might be that She Said’s laptop has a critical video issue that results in screens that look like 1940’s television, on an empty channel.  I spent 15 minutes the other day moving the screen back and forth, back and forth just HOPING the frozen video screen would return to normal.  I could also blame her stuck keys (critical box wine FAIL) but in the end it just comes down to there being so many stories to write sometimes we have a hard time choosing.  That and it can take an hour JUST to post a fricking blog.  But its worth it for you, our fans.  And don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about the little people.  Well Susanne hasn’t, I’m 43 now and forget how walk sometimes, so all the little people are forgotten too.

Either way we have a list of blogs to write.

  1. Public Urination
  2. More of He Said’s Birthday (probably should get this one down before I forget MORE)
  3. The contrast of Real vs. Fake beggars (kinda sad) :(
  4. He Said’s “shortcut” through the mall, with groceries, in the snow, the wrong way and She Said’s Enduring Love And Support.
  5. He Said gets up the guts to speak to a fellow Cracker
  6. Nayga is NOT a bad word.
  7. Beijing is a safe city…oh did you just spear your skull on a low hanging sharp rusty bolt?
  8. Pedestrians, Mopeds, Bikes, Carseats and Auto Window Tinting.
  9. Ex-Pat Hangout (alternative title Coffee Shop Bookstores Are For Snobs Here Too)
  10. If Apple computers “Just Work” why do they need a “Genius Bar” to help you?
  11. Is That Sausage Casing Or Are We Eating Plastic?
  12. Random, just pick something and blog you lazy Americans!

So pick one, comment your vote and I guarantee Susanne will write something.  Now excuse me, I need to go pee in the street.


  1. Can I vote for three? I'd like to hear about 1, 4, and 11! :)

  2. PUBLIC URINATION!!! C'mon, go for the cheap laughs.

  3. Use the RNG. I eventually want to hear them all anyway. :)

  4. I think I'm with Libby. Or I could go with #11. Food or pee... Uh, I know I'm weird.

  5. Great. Since Susanne didn't know I posted this one (she usually fixes all my apostrophes) she will be thrilled to know she has some assignments. ;)

  6. all All ALL ALLALLALLALLLLLLLLLLLLL! C'mon - I know you have kids and a job and all that silk shopping to do and all, but still - the computer's not working and there's no English TV??? You have PLENTY of time to blog about it all! greedygreedy...