Thursday, April 22, 2010


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She Said…

As we walk down streets and up alleys in Beijing, we see things that remind us of friends and family. We want to share these with you.

This one is for Libby over at Libby Logic. She and I share a similar appreciate of all things comfortable. What size and how many, huh, Libby?

CJ, this one has you written all over it:

This next one will seem strange to most.  Living here, we don’t have all of the amenities we have back home, such as a utensil organizer. Eileen, I think of you every time I open my drawer.

Memories of living on Lake Street next to Eddy come flooding back with this one:

P4050047and this one…wait, these actually make us think of CJ AND Eddy.

Facebook is a magical thing. Through it I have reconnected with friend from down in the west Texas town of El Paso. Paloma, this one is for you (and sorry, this was the real store – no special price!):


Dad, this one is ALL you:


and this one...


He Said…

This one is for Rebecca at work, seeing as now I can’t NOT think about her every time I see a fricking Hello Kitty, and yes, this was an ENTIRE store FILLED with that damn cat.


Chris, this one is for you.  What is more patriotic in China than a RED Baby? An entire catalog dedicated to your RED Baby.


This one in particular makes me think of all the Best Buy fanboys at home.  Now even though I won’t go into the Blue Box at home, this is ONE Best Buy I could get into!


We picked this up at the local Jenny Lou’s.  Eileen, we miss you!

This one had me thinking about Kevin and Kevin’s for DAYS (Bitters)!

… and Barbara AND Kevin, need I say more!  Of course just behind our building they are erecting the new Microsoft Beijing campus, but without signs, it’s not worthy of a picture yet.

_IGP6991Damnit, why won’t this thing get a signal???

and lets not forget Amy, Brad and Hannah PEW PEW!

And not a DAY goes by that I don’t think of Rob or Jami and their love affairs with their bicycles. Can you see the end of them…I can’t?

This is more of a generic one, but all the Dexter fans back home (Ok, Barbara and Kevin get double billing), I think he was here in the kitchen.  The glasses at this restaurant all have this dripping red blob.


and Jacob, if you were here, this would be your new home, food, coffee, English speaking customers AND BOOKS!

Speaking of books, Jacob.  I know you would have had to climb to the top as well!!!!!

_IGP7110and you would probably bankrupt us eating at the Union Bar & Grill.

Ok Eddy gets double billing too. You KNOW you want one.  Notice the winter hand warmers installed. Oh, you know you want a closer look.  The handlebar gloves look like something you would have invented.


And every time I see this one I think about work. 

Question: “Should we do it right, or fast?”
Answer:  “BOTH”


Stella, this one is for you.  For some reason the style of these make me double take every time I see one.  They look like a mini Westfalia camper.



  1. Bring me back one o' them Guinness Foreign Extra cans!

  2. Bitters make the drink! It's wonderful that you can find reminders of home in such a different world.

    Oh and did you pick up a job application from anywhere fun while you're there? Maybe for that Microsoft campus? So what if it's in Chinese...

  3. Aww, thanks for thinking of us guys. We miss you like crazy!

  4. And I was jealous BEFORE I knew about the Croc's store.