Thursday, March 18, 2010

Amazing Weight Loss Stop Discovered

Posted by He Said

The first 2 weeks that our family was here in Beijing I lost 10 pounds.  Now this is a good thing as I could stand to lose 40 more.

As of this morning this is all going to end.  I found the perfect Weight Loss Stop solution.

I had in a previous post mentioned the little shop in the sidestreet that I would likely never venture into. Today they gave me a reason to eat without entering their establishment.  They came to me.  As I walked around the corner I was greeted with pleasant smells of cooking.  Not just any cooking, but DEEP FRYING cooking.  Yes, this picture is blurred.  Since Susanne got yelled at for taking pictures I have been a little hesitant to slow down to take pictures.  Since I was using my iPhone, the issue is compounded. So I apologize.

They have been here a couple times on prior walks but I have been too afraid to even slow down to browse.  Not today.  Today I was going to be a NEW MAN!  Not only did I stop, but I stopped and I (insert crazy Susanne hand gestures) managed to ask to take a photo. 

Ah, Deep Fried Breaded Goodness for breakfast (and for about 15cents).

No, you can’t have any.


  1. Mmmmm...street food. That looks freakin' yummers. Now about this Susanne getting yelled at for taking pictures incident...did that get blogged and I don't remember? That sounds like some good blog fodder to me.

  2. Fried dough breaks down all cultural barriers.

    They should bring it to peace talks.