Tuesday, March 2, 2010

China Here We Come

It has been a rather crazy roller coaster for us leading up to today.
The coordination, planning is reaching a pinnacle.  I sit here on the couch in the early morning getting ready mentally to start packing for our flight to China.
I think we have everything lined up.  Family members have moved in and will be living in our house (stay away bad guys, the dog is still here, family has been trained to use the alarm and spike the turtle bites HARD), the “documentation” for taking care of all the animals and the house have been prepared and research on Chinese wines & beer is complete.  Now we have to actually PACK!
I have setup three picture albums for the next three months and (fingers crossed) uploads should get synced up automatically.
Right now there is a picture of our couch in its more creative configurations (thanks to Braedyn and Emily) as a placeholder in each album. We will update these as we can.  I have never lived in Beijing, so I don’t know exactly what our limitations will be.


March 2010
April Part 1

April 2010 - Part 1
April Part 2
April 2010 - Part 2

May Part 1
May 2010 - Part 1

May Part 2
May 2010 - Part 2

We will be doing our best to blog our adventures or mis-adventures as the case may be.


  1. I am so jealous. I can't wait to hear all about it.

  2. That comment CAN'T be from Logical Libby. It's not bitter or sarcastic. Will the real Logical Libby please stand up!

    1. Greg be honest

      Did you go to China with a man who is heavy into conservation ? A zoologist ?

  3. Best of luck! Enjoy this opportunity!

  4. Hoping RSS updates to Flickr albums are the best way to keep up....any better suggestions, GM?

  5. Bye bye boys (and girls)! Have fun storming the castle!

    I love that researching Chinese beer and wine made your to-do list.

  6. I, Rodius - would you have expected any less!!!?? :)

    Marc - We don't use Flicker, but click each of those album links, scroll to the very bottom. BAM!! RSS link. :)

  7. Um, or the RSS is in the right column. Hell, you are techy, you figure it out, I gotta got to wine...er bed.