Monday, October 6, 2008

I was once young….

I was once young…and fat, and a smoker, and a long haired unemployed loser. Susanne fell in love with me anyway (boy, I sure did marry down in the intelligence area didn’t I, she married down in every other category).

My kids might look at this someday and say, “Dad, you weren’t too bright back then were you? Or maybe you were just drunk a lot?” In my defense, all I have to say for myself is…is…so anyway you should scroll down, my lovely wife wasn’t so perfect either (at least she LOOKS GREAT doing it). Who photoshopped the cigarettes into these anyway? ;)


  1. Um, you didn't dumb down dear. I'm a bleeding heart liberal, remember? I just felt sorry for you. :-P

  2. oooh sheckshay :-P

    - zach