Sunday, October 5, 2008

Cactus Sighting

OMFSM.  Here it is.  Evidence of the early years of the “Cactus”.  As you may have read I have been developing old film I have had lying around.  I know my friend and former instructor Peter Goin would would be appalled that I have dishonored my film so. But I digress.

Can you find it? Can you see the poorly treated cactus? No?  here, let me help you…its the bumpy stick next to the near empty bottle of…um…adult beverage, and yes, that’s a bunk bed.  My best guesstimate is that this photo was taken sometime in 1999. Eddy C. could probably pinpoint the date a littler closer.


Copy of 10-5-2008_015









If you are lazy and don’t feel like visiting the original “Cactus” post,  here it is in a photo taken in late August of 2008.

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