Sunday, October 5, 2008

Pyramid Camping (archive)

If this isn’t truly from the archives, I don’t know what is.  I keep finding film tucked away in drawers and boxes.  Susanne and I started collecting it in a single location and I recently had a few rolls developed.  I used to shoot a great deal of B&W.  I recently got a cheap scanner, so you will start seeing more of those. I have some great ones of Susanne and I coming soon. Here is Jake camping with Ed, Jess, Susanne and I at Pyramid lake back in what I believe is 1999. The most memorable part of this story is that we were camping10-5-2008_023 on open ranch land.  Jake was very excited to sleep in this old style army tent which had no floor.  We awoke in the morning to find Jake's entire lower portion of his sleeping bag poking out from the tent and the cattle practically strolling over him.

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