Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My Little Snow Angels

Usually I dread the cold weather because it generally means we have three severe cases of cabin fever. Thankfully not the Jack Torrance type of cabin fever. No, our cabin fever heightens as energy levels rise and there is nowhere *free* to go burn it off. This year should prove to be different because Emily is old enough to bundle up and let her play in the backyard with Braedyn while Mommy watches them while sitting cozily in front of the fireplace, hot overly-creamered coffee in hand. Unless you’ve won the Mommy of the Decade award, you know what I mean. I enjoy a good snow ball fight as much as the next person, but a Mommy can only take SO much outdoor snow time. You know.

We do have a hiccup in this glorious plan, however. I learned of this hiccup the other day when we took the kids up to Mt. Rose Meadows to play in this season’s first snow. The snow depth varied from about three to eight inches of snow, and the kids had a GREAT time. So did Greg and I. Well, until the embarrassing meltdown by the kids at Starbucks afterward, but I’m working really hard to erase that memory so I won’t be talking about it here. At Mt. Rose Meadows, the kids were all snug and warm in their new snowsuits and snow boots. They were totally digging it. BUT! The hiccup in my “YOU burn off energy, I STAY WARM” plan this winter comes with the problem we discovered on our little outing. If we have even a couple of inches of snow and Emily falls, she can’t get up. She’s SO bundled, her little legs and arms can’t situate themselves to push herself back up. It happened over and over again at the meadows. I had to laugh at how much it reminded me of those crazy Life Call commercials. Was it from the ‘80s? Geez, maybe it was even the ‘70s.

So, I see a lot of this in my future:

  • Emily plummets.
  • Get up from warm, cozy seat by fireplace.
  • Open slider to backyard and feel the slap of cold air on my face and on my impossible-to-keep-warm feet.
  • Race to Emily.
  • Lift.
  • Race back to slider and close.
  • Sit by fireplace.
  • Watch.
  • Repeat.

Hey, that’s ok. At least there is some burning off of energy in the process. For me, that is. I have to burn off that overly creamered coffee somehow!

“I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!” says the little pink snow angel.

“I could stay out in this stuff until my eyelids freeze open!” says the all-boy boy.

“Quick, I can’t feel my bum!” says Mommy.

“Gotcha!” says the all-boy boy. Just for the record, he’s referring to the snow and not journalism.

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