Sunday, October 5, 2008

Four More Dead Terrorists

Seeing in this day and age it’s not very sensitive or appropriate to call empty beer and liquor bottles dead soldiers (and probably has always been this way) I have started referring to them as Dead Terrorists (thanks Tom C.).  Here are 4 more from my liquor cabinet.



  1. Aren't those just little baby nips, like the kind you get on airplanes? I threw away three, count them, three really big gin empties just this weekend. I have been working on them for a year, though. Ha ha.

  2. They are small ones, but not quite as small as the airline ones. They were at least a full shot. And when you drink them all in a row, it packs a pretty good punch.

    Eddy's younger brother Travis brought these back for me when he drove across the country from boot camp I believe. He was such a thoughtful guy. I held onto these after his passing and then I realized that Travis probably really would have wanted me to drink them. So I honored him and consumed them in one night. They were very tasty, and now they are immortalized here.