Monday, October 13, 2008

Pay No Attention to that Middle Finger

My children. They have the middle finger, flip-you-off gene, and most likely it came from yours truly. Maybe it was all the flipping off of crappy drivers during my pregnancies that caused this gene mutation. Oh, quit freaking out. I always flip people off JUST below the window so the offending driver and their arsenal can’t see my little gesture. Somehow that simple action makes me feel better after being so rudely cut off. At any rate my children have somehow picked up this propensity. Not in the same way as me, mind you. They aren’t old enough to be incensed by jerkholio drivers. Not yet. No, their birds just LOOK like they are flipping you off. But in reality either they are counting using their fingers as aids, one always being counted on the flip-you-off finger, or they are pointing to something they think is really cool.

All hail the queen.


Can you count those again, Bud? “One…”


So, if you ever see us out and about and it appears that my children are being incredibly rude by giving you the middle finger, please remember one of two things is actually happening. One, they could possibly be pointing to something that you might want to check out yourself. You never know what cool thing you might see. It might be a “hoptihopter” (helicopter) taking flight, or a rumbling “go-go” (motorcycle) speeding down the highway, or another awesome Obama 2008 bumper sticker on yet another car. Woot! Woot! Or, two, they have learned what an jerkholio driver does, and you actually deserved it.


  1. OMFSM. I am crying. Seriously. I have tears streaming down my face and my ribs just split wide open from laughing so hard.

    Now pull over before I run you off the road.

  2. Lola has just started pointing with her middle finger. I have no idea why.
    I say things that I am not supposed to and she has picked up f**kers. I think I scared her when I told her what a bad word it is. Thank god she didn't point out how much she hears it. I would have had no argument.