Thursday, October 30, 2008

Who Takes Hope Away from Grown Ups?

OK, I was trying to keep politics out of my last post, but then I felt I was self-censoring, and I didn’t like that. Not one bit. So, here is my addendum.

Braedyn has learned a tough lesson about having something stolen from him. I feel jaded about this because I’d love to tell him that it won’t happen again. That he won’t ever have to feel the violation of having something taken from him. But as the election nears, I can’t help but feel I might have something stolen from me. If McCain/Palin win next Tuesday, they will have stolen something very precious from me. They will have stolen my hope that women’s rights aren’t going to take a huge backward leap. They will have stolen my hope that our country won’t become a joke to those in the scientific community. (Um, fruit flies, anyone?) They will have stolen my hope that our country hasn’t forgotten about the principles of separation of church and state. (God will take care of the election?? WTF?) They will have stolen my hope that we can be unified as a country. I don’t like how that possibility makes me feel.

What can’t be taken from me is my hope for my children. I hope when they are my age these are no longer the issues on the battlefield.

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