Sunday, August 17, 2008

Did You Get That at a Saaaaaaaale?

My kids get their addiction to routine from somewhere. OK, namely me. Every Saturday I go “garage saling” with my great friend, Lindie. Yes, it is a verb. It is a thing I do, like sleep, drink coffee, end the day with a glass of wine. You get the picture. I love the thrill of the hunt, and my kids just love the treasures I bring home for them. So much so that Emily thinks everything she has is from a garage sale. She’ll tell Granny, “Mommy got this at a saaaaaaaale.” The long “a” in the word is spoken about three times the length that it should be.  Whether it was something Santa brought her at Christmas, something she received as a birthday present, or something we got at the store TOGETHER, to her everything comes from a “saaaaaaale.”

Although this makes me laugh, I can’t help but think of the comedian who claimed to hate when you paid a compliment to a woman about her outfit and she replied, "Thanks! I found it at a garage sale for a dollar!" He'd hate me then! I've toned it down a bit lately. I think my family and friends might have been getting an itsy bit tired of hearing how much (or how little) I paid for something. I don't offer to tell people anymore where I got the new pictures hanging in my bathroom, or the new sandals I'm wearing, or the new rug in the playroom, or... OK, I don't do it as MUCH.

So, even given my recent attempt to keep my mouth shut, I can't help but share a story about one of my recent finds. This last Saturday during the annual Hidden Valley garage sale (it's like Christmas for avid "salers") where hundreds and hundreds of homes drag out their unwanted items, I stumbled across a great pair of rain boots for Emily that look like bees. For a dollar. Seeing as how we live in a DESERT, they were practically new. They are a couple of sizes too big, so I figured they'll come in handy next year. Or not. After Emily saw them she just HAD to put them on. She HAD to wear them out to lunch to the McDonald's Playplace (on the wrong foot, mind you). She walked like Frankenstein without bending her knees to try and keep the too-large "saaaaaaaale" boots from falling off. Braedyn's socks HAD to be pulled up, a tribute to the 70's. I thought this was a great example of an outing at our house where I throw my arms up in the air and say, "What the heck! You're dressed. Let's go!"



  1. That Hidden Valley sale is insane! We were blindsided by it when trying to get to Seth's wedding on Saturday. We ended up being 10 minutes late, but thankfully they hadn't started, due to a lot of people getting snarled in the traffic.

    Great bee boots! Heck, I want a pair of those.

  2. Nice boots. Keep your eyes open for me for a nice weber smoker. If you ever see one, call me!!!!



  3. I saw two of those smokers last week!
    Susanne, the boots are even cuter on, but as I said before, Emily could pull off looking darling in a brown paper bag!