Saturday, August 9, 2008

Virgin? Not on our first night you weren't.

Wow, I haven't even finished configuring the DNS settings and you saunter into the OK Coral with both guns blazing and pulling no punches. Good thing we talked about defining boundaries for this website eh. Oh, wait, we never finished that conversation and it shows.

Yes, if it weren't for you speaking up, I would have probably been kicking myself wondering how yet another woman spent the night in my bed, the entire night, fully clothed no less. Instead, you wake me up and then leave me out of breath and spent on the top bunk. No wonder I couldn't let you go after that.

Yup, a bunk bed. Let's leave that discussion for another day. There is a good reason a 31 year old man has a bunk bed in his studio apartment. Really there is.

Floppy disks? You are going to pull that out of your arsenal. Ok. Here goes... oh crap, I lost a bet nine years ago and you won, so I can't talk about THAT part of your past.

Ok. You win the first round.

We do make a great team. Having worked for the same company doing the same job I know that you truly can geek out when you want to. Trust me, I know that this is one SAHM who can hold her own in the geek realm. Hell, if you hadn't wanted to get pregnant and have children you would be MY boss now.

This should be fun. Lets roll baby!


  1. wow, quite a bit of information. lol

  2. Heh.

    Seriously, though. You guys are great. Can't wait for the collective goofiness to commence.