Saturday, August 9, 2008

Like a Virgin on Prom Night

OK, so I'll go first. What the hell. It was like that when we started dating. After all, if it hadn't been for me, we'd never be where we are now. Right, babe? Yes, way back in the DINK (double income, no kids) days of being FWB (no, you may NOT call me your girlfriend...YET), it was up to me to get the proverbial ball rolling. The simple words, "Are you awake?" and a really uncomfortable bunk bed was all it took. Now here we are almost 10 years, two kids, and two dogs later. And it is absolute, unadulterated bliss (now that I've convinced him that really, those 5 1/4" disks in an unopened pack he was holding on to for all those years really didn't need to be the start of some un-state-of-the-art museum he wanted to start). So, here we are... what I say and what he says.

Yes, we are both geeks. Yes, we both adore and cherish our children. Yes, we both like cheap wine out of the box. And, admittedly, I love handing over the tech reigns to my super un-wired husband. I like to use the technology, and he loves to find it. Go us!

First things first, let's define geek, shall we? Those who are geeks or nerds already understand the distinction, but some may not get it. It's simple. A geek is a nerd with social skills.

Second, I am a stay-at-home mom (SAHM), and most of my posts will probably be about the shenanigans of our children, Braedyn (4) and Emily (2). They are beautiful beasts that rule the roost. Greg's posts will probably have a lot to do with cool shit he finds online. Again, go us!

OK, now that the scary, painful, devirginizing of the blog has been posted, let the he said/she said craziness begin.

Love you, babe.

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  1. OK, I was going to comment on this before, but I forgot.

    My definition of geek:

    A nerd in denial. :)

    Keep it up guys, your blog is on my RSS feeds.