Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hero, Bad Guy: It’s All In the Wording

Braedyn was happily drawing imaginary creatures while I snuck in a couple of games of Yukon Solitaire, and the following is the actual conversation we had:

“This is a bad guy super hero,” he says to me holding up his picture.

“But he can’t be a bad guy if he’s a super hero. Only good guys are super heroes.”

“No, he’s a bad guy super hero.”

“But that can’t be. A super hero can’t be bad.”

Clearly agitated, he states emphatically, “His NAME is Bad Guy Super Hero. He has pinchers on his head.”

“What’s his power?”

“Ghost power. I’m going to shoot him to outer space. Pshhhhhhhh!”

And off he went to save the doggie from being turned into a bad robot. Stay tuned to see if Bad Guy Super Hero can save the day (and the doggie)!


1 comment:

  1. Good Luck to Bad Guy Super Hero! I can't wait until his next adventure!