Sunday, August 10, 2008

Pinch, Poke, You Owe Me a Coke?

So, Emily did her usual wake up call. "MOMMY, I want YOU!" I usually wait until I hear it a few times before actually beckoning to her call. After several outbursts, it was obvious she wasn't going to go back to sleep. In good troglodyte form I stumbled out of my bed (thank you, thank you, thank you Greg for letting me sleep a little extra) and into her room. I crawl into bed with her with the distant and slim hope that she'll curl up next to me and drift off to toddler-bliss sleep. Yeah, right.

She asks me to make her "sof Bo", her soft teddy bear, talk to her. So I put her "sof Bo" in front of my face and in the best cutesy voice I can muster without some coffee pumping in my veins say, "Hi Emily! Good morning! I love you!" She said she wanted to get up, and she and "sof Bo" wiggle out of bed. I stayed and curled up, again with a glimmer of hope that she'd go without me. Yeah, no such luck.

I come out to the family room with her, and she promptly goes to Daddy, and I promptly go to the kitchen to see what coffee dredges are at the bottom of the pot that I can lick until I have enough energy to make a new pot. Hooray! A quarter of a cup. Not bad for a Sunday morning.

Emily is curled up with Daddy on the couch and asks him to have "sof Bo" talk to her. Greg looks at me and informs me this is her "new thing." I said I know, and we couldn't have planned the next few words better if we had tried. In perfectly matching tone and pitch we both said, "I started it." We stared at each other incredulously and each wondered who'd get to blog about it first.

We laughed, and Greg said, "I bet your Bo doesn't do this!" and turned the bear at an angle as to give him premium tooting power. In his best (and he's good) flatulence sound, the bear appears to really let one rip. It makes Emily giggle. Daddy's good.

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