Tuesday, August 12, 2008

It’s Potty Time, BaaaNaNaNa…NaNa…NaNA, Potty Time

Every single day right before nap time, or “quiet time” as we call it in our house, lest we conjure the demons within with the dreaded word “nap”, we do the same thing. Seriously, the same, identical thing each and every day. I ask two or three times, and then demand, beg, and plead, “Braedyn, please go potty before quiet time and then go pick out the two books you want to read.” And every day he reacts as though this was the first time he was hearing this obviously unreasonable request.

“But I don’t NEED to go potty!” Um, the conspicuously-located wet spot on your shorts says otherwise.

“I already went potty this morning!” Um, that was hours and hours and ounces upon ounces of juice ago.

While standing in the bathroom, he’ll say, “I DID just go potty.” Ah, a quick glance at the shut lid of the toilet (which he NEVER shuts) tells a different story. Nice try.

“I don’t like you telling me to go potty.” Well, when you go on your own without me telling you to go, then I’ll stop. I promise you will not be in your early 20’s with a mother calling you to remind you to go potty. I promise.

You’d think I was asking him to clean the bathroom floor with a toothbrush while simultaneously eating a vat full of vegetables - raw, unsalted, fresh veggies. Seriously, can you please just try and go!? Otherwise, I have an extra load of laundry, comprised mostly of wet sheets, to do before bedtime tonight.

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