Saturday, September 6, 2008

I will lift my glass to you…again..and again.. and again.. and…….

If you have followed this blog you may have learned that Susanne and I have a bit of a box wine problem. We enjoy our cheap wine, maybe just a little too much.  In fact, when she asked if we were going to go the the IGT wine tasting again I pointed out that for the price of the tickets we could get 11 boxes of wine, an equivalent of 71.5 bottles of wine and she agreed so we didn’t go. I guess since we didn’t run out and get 11 boxes we don’t have THAT much of a problem.

When we realized that we were going through a box a week and Susanne did some quick math we decided it was time to cut back.  Susanne comes home one day and drags me into the kitchen and says “I have a proposal, we will stop buying wine until we get rid of all the liqueur in the liqueur cabinet. When its empty we can start buying wine again.”

There are MANY fine and not so fine bottles of whiskey, scotch and miscellaneous hard liqueurs inhabiting that cabinet. I am going to let you readers all ponder the photo below. 


Yeah, that’s how I feel about it. Do I get to skip work this week?  Who is going to take care of the kids?  I would like to start drinking wine sometime this year.

So the first night we start working on it I am pushing to get through the bottle of apple pucker and what do I hear?

Susanne: “I didn’t say we had to finish it all on the first night!”

Me: “What?”

I love my wife, but holy invisible pink unicorn, what a buzzkill.


  1. Quit your whining and get me a drink, would ya? ;)

  2. For those who are curious, this is totally working. You should see our glass recycle bin! Whoa, baby!