Friday, September 19, 2008

Battle of the Bands

Braedyn is starting his annoying musical interests way too soon. Isn’t he supposed to be a teenager before inflicting musical misery on his mother? Apparently not. He totally digs metal. He completely enjoys that high pitched whiny guitar. The more screechy electric guitar solos, the better. On this, he is my antithesis.

For example, I love Prince, or the artist formerly known as Prince, but as soon as he starts whaling on the guitar, I’m like Billy the Kid drawing his gun switching the song. Yeah, I’m THAT fast. I have to be lest my head explode. No joke. Its effect on me rivals the same throw-up feeling I get when I see a picture of Palin on yet ANOTHER magazine cover.

Greg recently took my iPod and randomly threw songs on it from our 5,000+ song library. This was done for two reasons. First, he was taking the van for a boys camping trip and wanted some fresh songs on it. Second, I always drag my feet on stuff like this. It needed to be done. My step-son Jacob had generously given me his old iPod when he got the upgraded video one. It still had all of his music on it. Some of it was cool. Some just proved to me I am getting old. Greg figured he’d just take care of swapping out Jacob’s songs with some from our library. It was kind of Greg to do this for me. Now if he’d only swap out the CDs in his Jeep’s CD changer. They are the same ones we put in there when we drove to Disneyland. SIX YEARS AGO.

The random song generator out of iTunes did not do a stellar job. It did a pitiful job. It’s as if it checked the frequency of each song, and if there were parts above a certain level, a certain HIGH WHINY EAR SHATTERING LEVEL, it was sure to grab it. There are WAY too many Nirvana songs, WAY too many Night Ranger songs, and WAY too many other songs with bloodcurdling high pitched guitar solos. Seriously, I have about a 1 in 25 chance of finding a song I like. But as fast as I may be at switching them, Braedyn’s ears are quicker at hearing them. I try to be sly and skip past an offensive song, but I inevitably hear, “BUT I LIKED THAT SONG.” Of course he does. Was it the twitch in my eye that tipped him off that THIS song was going to have at least one shrill guitar solo in it?

If there is any doubt about these heavy metal musical interests of his, which he OBVIOUSLY got from his FATHER, take a look at this video taken about a year ago of our up-and-coming metal boy:

Not all days in the van are so bad, thankfully. If we stumble across Cake’s “Rock-n-Roll Lifestyle” before any whiny guitars, we end up playing that genteel ditty over and over again. Now that I can totally dig, and my twitchy eye and exploding head are thankful for the break.


  1. Guess Metallica's latest is outta the question };]~

  2. Only if it is like this:

  3. You need to make sure your children know the song "Raspberry Beret". You don't have to explain why it is such a wonderful song, because then they would know about our torrid past and all the men we would pick up cruuuzzzzn' You could just tell them that it was the song we would listen to before our long nights of studying!

  4. Eileen, maybe you can help me figure out the best way to bring up the Savoy Peace Posse with the kids. After all it will take careful planning and delicate execution (or carefully crafted lies!)