Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A Day at Granny’s


I had forgotten my camera (gasp!) for Braedyn’s first swim lesson, so on the way to pick up my mom (Granny), I asked if she’d bring hers. It was no surprise that it was already in her hands ready to go. She let me bring her camera home to get the pictures off of it, and this picture was there too. It was taken the day I dropped Emily off at my mom’s while I took Braedyn to his dreaded robot tooth check-up appointment. This picture screams “Day at Granny’s” to me. The hat. The purse. The furniture. The boots. What’s really geeky cool is I used Photoshop to brush out the electrical strip and cables that lurked in the background. Don’t look too closely, I’m not a guru like my husband.

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