Friday, September 12, 2008

I’m Selling My Soul for a Gallon of Organic Milk

OK, so I’m not selling my soul, but I might have to start selling some vital organs on eBay if I want to keep up the healthy food choices I’ve made for our family.

A quick report run in Quicken this morning had me choking on my Kashi Heart To Heart cereal. Seriously. I had no idea it was my grocery shopping that was the greedy little money whore sucking away our income. I thought for sure I could blame Greg for some impulse tech purchase or even Braedyn’s swimming lessons. Nope. I only have me to blame. And I could cry about it.

My grocery spending is out of control - just about double what it was a year ago. Yes, I know prices have gone up on everything. Gas. Movie rentals. Bubble gum. Box wine. Dirt. But it also has to do with the choices I’m making. I’m a label reader to a fault. I just want the best for my family. “No high fructose corn syrup for you!” And apparently this sentiment comes at an astronomical sticker price.

So, now the conundrum. Do I save money by compromising the integrity of the ingredients in the food my family eats (and my own integrity by shopping at the morally objectionable mega-corp Walmart)? Or do I get a part-time job at Whole Foods to get their discount AND the added bonus of a bona fide paycheck?

If I ease up on my family’s dietary regiment, I feel like I’m failing their healthy bodies AND foregoing my principles (even if my kids would adorn me with princess tiaras and butterfly wings for stocking up on some Kool-Aid instead of 100% juice, Otter Pops instead of 100% juice pops, and Cheetos instead of strawberries). If I don’t ease up, the greedy little money whore wins.

You’re thinking there must be some middle ground somewhere. The thing is, I’m frugal. I do my best to stock up when things are on sale. I’ll buy the cheaper of two cereals that pass my label test. (You know, can I UNDERSTAND the ingredients, and does it have close to 5 mg of sugar per serving?) I’ll forgo the organic strawberries if the other ones look just as scrumptious. I’ll pick the cheaper of two nitrate free hot dogs and the cheaper of two box wines. I will! But apparently this isn’t enough.

How do I like them apples? I don’t. Even if they ARE organic.


  1. Maybe we should just buy a cow? Ok, that may not work. The kids will probably want to let it in the house.

  2. You could always just keep the cow in the extra bedroom. That way it is already in the house, but the kids will just want to feed it chocolate so they can always have chocolate milk!

  3. I spent 120 dollars at the grocery store today, and I got two small bags. And I didn't have any cleaning products. Killing me. My dog is going to have to get a job.