Saturday, September 20, 2008

Can You Dig It

Susanne invited another hot lesbian friend over for dinner. It’s not really relevant, but I love writing HOT LESBIAN.

Dinner is over and it's time to head outside and drink our wine and I find that Koko has TRIED to escape again!

What I saw when I entered the backyard. Note that all the temporary measures to keep her from digging are pushed out of the way.



Her tail sure was wagging. I had to dig under her to get her out. Looks like someone’s got a little extra junk in the trunk or she would have made it through.


  1. Yes, those lovely blocks are there to help keep the dogs IN. Obviously they are both ugly AND ineffective.

  2. They are ugly! Not effective either. haha

  3. I'm VERY HAPPY to report, Greg cleaned them up, put the blocks on Craigslist, and put chicken wire under the rocks, so the dogs can't "dig it" anymore. YAY!