Monday, September 8, 2008

The Picasso of Couches

We were having a family dinner at our house for Jacob’s 17th birthday (holy flying spaghetti monster!), and I felt like I had picked up the cushions on the couch in the front room at least 17 times in my obsessive-compulsive cleaning mania I get in when we are having people over. Oh wait, I DID clean up the cushions 17 times. Obviously a number indicative of our guest of honor. Braedyn and Emily use these cushions to make forts, beds, bridges, rocket ships, concert stages, and dog houses. No kidding. They create. And I pick them up. And they create. And I pick them up. Again and again. Finally, I was tired of being a broken record. And not in the cool old school Run DMC scratchy way:

Since I was done being the couch police, I made putting the couch back together and making it “pretty” sound like a game for the kids. I do this by letting THEM think it is a good idea, and by ending each sentence with an enthusiastic, “Doesn’t that sound like FUN?” Don’t laugh. It worked. Well, sort of. I heard, “Mommy, the couch is pretty!” and this is what I saw:


What I want to know is who’s been training them in the ways of Picasso when I wasn’t looking? And could you get them to do it on PAPER instead?


  1. Okay....first of are cracking me up....and ....second of are cracking me up, still. Very funny. It soooo reminds me of the long gone, days gone by when my older kids were young~ens. I love the couch. The hubs used to tell me that I would miss those days...nope, I don't...just kidding...I do miss them ol' days bunches and bunches and then some.

    You are a great story teller...I will visit again.

    By the way...thanks for stopping by my HOH house tour and saying howdy.

    Smiles ~ Ramona

  2. That's how my husband puts the cushions back on the couch. Come to think of it, that's how the dogs do it, too. Hmmm... AND my two-year-old son. It appears I am the only one in the house who knows how a couch is supposed to look. Crap. One more thing I have to do myself if I want it done right.

    Thanks for swinging by my blog and leaving such a supportive and wonderful comment.