Tuesday, September 16, 2008

When Frustrated, Make the Threat a Good One

After a long, messy Play-Doh session:

Me: OK, guys, if you are done playing with the Play-Doh, I want you to come and help clean it up.

Braedyn: No thank you, Mommy.

Me: If you are done, you need to help me clean it up.

Braedyn: That’s OK, Mommy. You can.

Me: If you don’t come and help me clean it up, I will throw it ALL AWAY.

Braedyn: OK, Mommy. You can. You can throw it all away.

Me: If you don’t come in here and help clean it up, I. WILL. THROW. EVERY. SINGLE. TOY. IN. THIS. HOUSE. AWAY.

I’m happy to report, my table is once again clean.


  1. A letter to Braedyn:
    I am going to archive this and share it with you again when you have children of your own. I truly will.
    Love Dad

  2. This is so classic. THis is when you know your child may be smarter than you. Way to go Susanne with threats.
    The other day, Samuel would not get dressed for school. When we threatened to take away a toy he said, go head. So Shawn took him by the hand and announced "Samuel is going to school in his underwear today. Time to get in the car!" Samuel: "no, no, I am going to change right now!" I think Shawn had the front door open and was ready to take our 6 year old child to 1st grade in his skivies!!!!