Friday, September 5, 2008

Ground Control to Major Tom

As Greg showed you earlier, Emily is getting a new room. This was a move that I think I was more excited about than she was. Why you ask? Because she has my ears. Poor thing. Her previous room shared a wall with our bathroom and our bedroom, which means the infinitesimal sound made by the simple act of opening up our medicine cabinet could cause her to squirm and wake up. She has definitely gotten better over the last six months or so, but she has a rough sleeping life ahead of her if she doesn’t outgrow this. Trust me. I know. Greg is all too painfully aware of this as well. He has already been awoken from a deep sleep with the words, “Can you turn over PLEASE” more times in his marriage to me than any man should really have to endure. Ever. Luckily he rolls over and falls right back to sleep and doesn’t stew over it. Much.

So Emily’s PINK room is done, and she’s all moved in. The one sad thing in this move that I’d like to share with you is what we painted over. She is now in what used to be Braedyn’s room, and Braedyn is in what used to be Jacob’s room. When we moved into this house Emily wasn’t in the picture yet, but the boys were and they each got their rooms specially painted for them by a fantastic woman named Maureen Rector. This phenomenal woman has the biggest and sweetest heart and has talent equally as large. She can make brick look like wood. She can make stucco look like marble. She can make your man look like Brad Pitt. I honestly don’t know of any limitations this amazing woman has.

Braedyn was so young when we moved in that we picked the theme of his room. Outer space. I always wanted to go to Space Camp growing up, and my first major in college at Texas A&M was Aerospace Engineering. Space has always fascinated me. If I had known then what I know today about our boy, I never would have picked this theme for his room. Instead it would have been floor to ceiling Spiderman, Hot Wheels, Batman, racing tracks, monster trucks, and pirates. And somehow Maureen would have made it all work, I’m sure.

The space room was so cool. The details were spectacular. One of the astronauts had Braedyn’s name on his suit. The alien in the space ship is waving at you. And the best part is the surprise alien shushing you in the closet, asking you to keep its presence a secret.

But, alas, it is now gone forever. Well, forever from that room. I’m happy to keep the space room alive here. Check it out:





I keep telling Greg I want to make our room look like a stormy day at the beach. Storm clouds. Tumultuous, crashing waves. Inviting sand. I’d even pump in the smell of sea salt and seaweed. He just won’t go for it. Guess he will only settle for the real thing. I’m ALL for that!


  1. Can you say Floating House? That would work for me. At least the alien in the closet survived the PINK attack.

  2. Ah, the floating house. No more dog poop patrol. No more flattened bushes from the dogs taking naps in them. No more holes dug by the dogs to fill. No more plants posing as doggy chew toys unwillingly. Wait, I see a theme here.